Governance challenges and suggested tools for the implementation of the water-related Sustainable Development Goals

Aziza Akhmouch, OECD
Delphine Clavreul, OECD

“The main governance implementation challenges in Water resources management are:

– The management of water resources is an issue particularly sensitive to the question of scale. The mismatch between administrative limits and hydrological boundaries can lead to local actors (e.g. municipalities) placing their own interests ahead when designing and implementing water resources management policies and strategies, rather than integrating the needs of the river basin and aquifers.

– Managing water resources efficiently can also be hindered by diverging interests between urban and rural areas for example, or between up-stream and downstream regions. This can hinder the water-use efficiency across sectors and prevent the adoption of convergent objectives for sustainable withdrawals and supply of freshwater to address water scarcity.”

How can these be overcome?


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